MRI Compatibility

The EMBLEM™ MRI and EMBLEM™ S-ICDs are FDA-approved for use with any S-ICD electrode as an ImageReady MR-Conditional System.

  • Full body scans without time restrictions in 1.5T MRI environments (SAR <=2.0W/Kg whole body averaged, SAR<=3.2 head @/kg)
  • MRI Protection Mode available in programmer with automatic time-out feature

The EMBLEM MRI S-ICD system provides effective defibrillation without transvenous leads.

  • Eliminates complications associated with transvenous leads
  • Reduces potential for systemic infection or endocarditis
  • Eliminates potential for vascular or cardiac injuries
  • Preserves vasculature for potential future interventions

Model Information

Product NameModel Number
S-ICD Electrode 3010, 3400, 3401, 3501
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