Non-MR Conditional Systems Information for S-ICD and Transvenous Pacing and Defibrillation Systems

An Off-label MRI scan is any scan of a patient who either DOES NOT HAVE A COMPLETE Boston Scientific MR-Conditional System or DOES NOT MEET ALL Conditions of Use associated with their Boston Scientific MR-Conditional System. Boston Scientific does not promote the Off-label use of its products but will provide technical support at the clinician’s direction when the clinician chooses to order an Off-label MRI scan.

The following information is in response to an order for an MRI scan for a patient with a BSC system that is Off-label. This information is provided to aid the clinician in ordering device programming and is intended solely to answer questions to help ensure patient readiness and safety.

Cardiology Order Form for Off-label MRI Scan of S-ICD and Transvenous Pacing and Defibrillation Systems