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WaveWriter Alpha™ Spinal Cord Stimulator System

The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System provides our broadest range of offerings that can be customized to treat your patients’ unique pain. With rechargeable and recharge-free 16-contact and 32-contact options, full-body MRI* access, and upgradeable technology, the WaveWriter Alpha SCS System equips you and your patients with more choices for tailored pain relief.

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The next era of SCS personalization

Our latest comprehensive spinal cord stimulation (SCS) solution provides uncompromised and personalized solutions with a unified MRI portfolio and all our advanced therapy options, including our proprietary FAST™ Therapy (Fast-Acting Sub-perception Therapy).

How it works

The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System is the most comprehensive SCS portfolio to allow for full-body MRI* access.

Why choose the WaveWriter Alpha SCS System

The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System is a complete solution tailored to meet you and your patients’ needs at every point in the pain management journey.

This SCS portfolio features:

  • Rechargeable and recharge-free implantable pulse generator options
  • The most comprehensive MRI portfolio in SCS
  • Future-ready Bluetooth® capabilities
  • All of Boston Scientific’s advanced therapies, include our latest proprietary FAST Therapy

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Featured clinical publications

Boston Scientific’s proprietary FAST Therapy delivers profound paresthesia-free pain relief in minutes that is sustained for years.1

SCS device capable of delivery Combination Therapy achieves a high level of clinical and functional success out to 2 years.2

SCS Clinical Data

Multiple Level 1 RCTs and real-world studies support the design of Boston Scientific’s SCS therapy.1-7

Technical specifications

Power Sources3216 3216
Battery TypeRechargeableRechargeableNon-RechargeableNon-Rechargeable
Battery Capacity200mAh200mAh7Ah7Ah
Wireless RechargingYesYesN/AN/A
Wireless RemoteYesN/A
Remote Range10 Feet
Bluetooth EnabledYes
MRI ConditionalityFull Body
System TypeMultiple Independent Current Control (MICC) at 1% increments
FDA LabelingFDA approved for both paresthesia and paresthesia-free therapies
Advanced Paresthesia and Paresthesia-Free TherapiesFAST Therapy, Contour Therapy, Illumina 3D™ Standard Rate, High Rate 3D, MicroBurst 3D, Burst 3D, Prism™ Targeting
Simultaneous Combination TherapyYes
Pulse Width20-1000μs

Ordering information

SC-1416M365SC14160WaveWriter Alpha Prime 16 Implantable Pulse Generator Kit
SC-1432M365SC14320WaveWriter Alpha Prime Implantable Pulse Generator Kit
SC-1216M365SC12160WaveWriter Alpha 16 Implantable Pulse Generator Kit
SC-1232M365SC12320WaveWriter Alpha Implantable Pulse Generator Kit
SC-5572-1M365SC557210FreeLink™ Remote Control Kit
SC-6500-72M365SC6500720WaveWriter Alpha Patient Trial Kit
SC-8436-50M36SC8436500CoverEdge™ MRI 50cm, 32 Contact, 4x8 Surgical Lead Kit
SC-8436-70M36SC8436700CoverEdge MRI 70cm, 32 Contact, 4x8 Surgical Lead Kit
SC-8452-50M365SC8452500CoverEdge X MRI 50cm, 32 Contact, 4x8 Surgical Lead Kit
SC-8452-70M365SC8452700CoverEdge X MRI 70cm, 32 Contact, 4x8 Surgical Lead Kit

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MRI conditional symbol.

The WaveWriter™ Alpha SCS System provides safe access to full-body MRI scans when used with specific components and the patient is exposed to the MRI environment under the defined conditions in the ImageReady™ MRI Full Body Guidelines for WaveWriter Alpha and WaveWriter Alpha Prime Spinal Cord Stimulator System. 

*MRI Conditional under specified conditions 

‡ ImageReady™ MRI Full Body Guidelines for WaveWriter Alpha™ and WaveWriter Alpha™ Prime Spinal Cord Stimulator Systems. 92395577-02 

MRI Guidelines for Medtronic Neurostimulation Systems for Chronic Pain. M939858A010 Rev C 

1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Guidelines for the SENZA®, SENZA II® & SENZA Omnia™ Systems. 11096 Rev J 

MRI Procedure Information For Abbott Medical MR Conditional Neurostimulation Systems. ARTEN600090483 A 

Sub-perception stimulation has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in patients who have been treated successfully with conventional, paresthesia-inducing stimulation for at least six months. Full stimulation parameter ranges and options for both paresthesia based and sub-perception therapy are available for clinician’s use throughout the patient’s experience and treatment with SCS.  

FAST MOA computational modeling by Gilbert JE, Titus N, Zhang T, Esteller R, Grill WM. Surround Inhibition Mediates Pain Relief by Low Amplitude Spinal Cord Stimulation: Modeling and Measurement. eNeuro. 2022 Oct 5;9(5):ENEURO.0058-22.2022

Results from clinical studies are not predictive of results in other studies. Results in other studies may vary. 

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation is under license. 

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