Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator

Third Generation Technology

AF Monitor™        
Designed to assist in the detection of silent, new onset, or the progression of atrial fibrillation.1

Additional high pass filter shown to reduce cardiac oversensing by 71% from second generation.3  

ImageReady™ MR-Conditional System*1,2

Specifications and Reimbursement

EMBLEM MRI S-ICD Pulse Generator Mechanical Specifications
Model Number A219
Size (W x H x D)

83.1 x 69.1 x 12.7 mm


130 g


59.5 cc (cm³)

Projected Longevity

7.3 years*

Battery Chemistry

Boston Scientific Li/MnO2


6 years**

Remote Patient
Monitoring Capability

Enabled for LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management 

Reimbursement Information

S-ICD electrode C-Code:C1896

S-ICD pulse generator C-Code: C1722

*Based on 3 annual full energy charges
**For full warranty terms and conditions go to www.bostonscientific.com/en-US/pprc/warranty-info-forms.html

Sensing configuration

Primary (ring to can), Secondary (tip to can), Alternate (tip to ring)
Optimal sensing configuration automatically selected during Auto Setup (manual programming optional)

Gain selection

x1, x2
Optimal gain selection automatically selected during Auto Setup (manual programming optional)

Rhythm discrimination

INSIGHT™ algorithm automatically activated when the Conditional Shock Zone is programmed

Shock polarity

Standard (coil to can), reverse (can to coil)

Automatically selects and stores last successful shock polarity

Adaptive Shock Polarity

Shock polarity alters automatically after failed shock

SMART Charge

Automatically extends initial detection time to allow self termination of non-sustained tachyarrhythmias

Internal warning system

Audible tone alerts patient to elective replacement indicator, electrode impedance out of range, prolonged charge times, failed device integrity check

Shock Zone

170 bpm - 250 bpm (steps of 10 bpm)

Conditional Shock Zone

Off, On 170 bpm - 240 bpm (minimum 10 bpm less than Shock Zone)

S-ICD System Therapy

Off, On

Post-shock pacing

Off, On (50 ppm, max 30 sec, demand-based)

Induction capability

1-10 sec (50 Hz/200 mA)

Delivered Energy

80J biphasic
(only programmable during manual shock and induction test: 10J - 80J, steps of 5J)

Episode storage

S-ECG storage for over 40 arrhythmic events (treated & untreated)

Other data

Electrode impedance
System status (remaining battery life, patient alerts, etc.)
Date and time stamp

EMBLEM S-ICD Electrode Specification

Model Number
45 cm
Distal Type Size (Diameter)
12 Fr / 4 mm
Coil size (Diameter)
9 Fr / 3 mm
Electrode shaft size (Diameter)
7 Fr / 2.33 mm
Sensing surface area
  Distal 46 mm2
  Proximal 36 mm2
Sensing Location
  Distal Distal electrode tip
  Proximal 120 mm from tip
Defibrillation surface area
750 mm2
Defibrillation location
20 - 100 mm from tip
  Insulation Polyurethane
  Electrodes MP35N
  Conductors MP35N
  Connector Pin MP35N
  Suture Sleeve Silicone


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