Integrated to the Core

On May 12, 2020, Minerva Surgical, Inc, acquired the following Intrauterine Health products from Boston Scientific: the Symphion™ Tissue Removal System; the Resectr™ Tissue Resection Device; and the Genesys HTA™ System.  For more information, please visit Minerva Surgical or email

The all-in-one Symphion™ System from Boston Scientific is designed with an unprecedented level of integration to help you remove uterine tissue efficiently and effectively. It puts you in control, uniting breakthrough fluid management, direct intrauterine pressure monitoring and bladeless resection to work together in perfect harmony. So you can focus on what matters most – your patient.

Compact Controller

works with the system to directly monitor the pressure inside the uterus and to automatically adjust fluid flow and prevent cavity collapse. The controller provides RF plasma energy for resection and spot-coagulation.

Fluid Management System

puts you in control of fluid flow through the procedure and allows for accurate absorption monitoring in real time. The system ingeniously uses a single 3-liter saline bag to collect, filter and continuously recirculate fresh saline throughout the procedure. At a glance, you always know how much fluid is in use. The maximum amount of fluid that can intravasate is 2.5 liters.*

Foot Pedal

conveniently enables resection, spot coagulation and on-demand aspiration to quickly clear the visual field.

3.6mm Resecting Device

features innovative high-speed RF plasma technology and smooth, rounded edges with a side resection window.

6.3mm Hysteroscope

has four separate channels to address the common challenges of surgery: visibility, cavity collapse, inadequate aspiration and the ability to directly monitor uterine pressure.
*Limits fluid delivery to amount of saline in the bag (+/- 10% tolerance on bag) minus the 550ml in the tubing system.