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On May 12, 2020, Minerva Surgical, Inc, acquired the following Intrauterine Health products from Boston Scientific: the Symphion™ Tissue Removal System; the Resectr™ Tissue Resection Device; and the Genesys HTA™ System.  For more information, please visit Minerva Surgical or email

The Symphion™ System helps you orchestrate the entire polyp and fibroid removal process, from initial setup to specimen collection. It was designed and engineered for one reason only: to make tissue removal intuitive and seamless – for everyone on your team.



It's intuitive to learn and use, streamlining the process and minimizing distractions every step of the way.
Surgical Nurses

Surgical Nurses

There are fewer components and fewer steps than any other system. A procedure requires just a single 3-liter saline bag – and no canisters.


Faster setup, less waste and seamless procedures optimize OR time and get patients on the way to recovery as soon as possible.

See It. Solve It.

Self-contained, recirculating fluid management system

Self-contained, recirculating fluid management system volumetrically limits fluid overload and provides clear, direct and continuous visualization of targeted tissue.

Direct internal uterine pressure monitoring

Direct internal uterine pressure monitoring detects changes in pressure and works with the system to automatically adjust fluid flow and help prevent cavity collapse.

High-speed RF plasma technology

High-speed RF plasma technology for efficient and effective tissue removal — no dulling of blades and no mechanical cutting.

Built-in spot coagulation

Built-in spot coagulation to help control bleeding for a clear and consistent view of the surgical site throughout the entire procedure.

Innovative anti-clogging mechanism

Innovative anti-clogging mechanism combines with negative pressure in the aspiration tube to continuously evacuate resected tissue from the uterine cavity.