EKOS offers a safe and effective treatment to dissolve thrombus in the body's vascular system. With Level 1, Long-Term, and Quality of Life data, EKOS is the most studied device in the space.

EKOS uses targeted ultrasonic waves in combination with clot-dissolving drugs in the treatment of PE. Clinical evidence shows the therapy's ability to effectively target an entire clot without an increase in bleeding complications.


EKOS has been shown to yield safe and effective results for acute, massive and submassive PE.

  • Reduces RV/LV ratio by more than 23% on average in as little as 2 hours
  • Reduces PA pressures by 28% (at 48 hours)
  • 76% less thrombolytic drug dosage than standard treatment
  • Minimized risk of bleeding
Study RV/LV Reduction
ULTIMA 23% (24 hours)
SEATTLE II 25% (48 hours)
OPTALYSE 23-26% (48 hours)


EKOS has been shown to have a low risk of bleeding and ICH.

  • Low major bleeding rate across studies
  • Less than a 1% risk of ICH, two studies with 0 instances of ICH
  • 76% less thrombolytic drug dosage than standard treatment
Study Safety Total Dose
ULTIMA 0% (Major Bleed) | 0 (ICH) 20mg
SEATTLE II 10% (Major Bleed) | 0 (ICH) 24mg
OPTALYSE 3% (Major Bleed) | 1 (ICH) 4/8mg-12/24mg
Ultrasound increases drug uptake and penetration into clot allowing for superior efficacy all while using 76% less thrombolytic drugs than standard treatment, making EKOS a fast and safe solution for PE treatment.