VICI Venous Stent™


VICI Venous Stent System
VICI Venous Stent System
The VICI Venous Stent is designed with a high degree of compression resistance.
The VICI Venous Stent is designed with sufficient flexibility for everyday patient movement.
The VICI RDS Stent is delivered with the first and only reverse deployment system for enhanced deployment precision.


Design Details

Resist Crush & Improve Flow

Specifically engineered to withstand the crushing forces of venous disease, Vici delivers the radial strength required to maintain a circular lumen, restore flow effectively, and optimize clinical outcomes.

Vici is uniquely engineered for crush resistance and to improve flow

Improves Flow with an Open Lumen

The crush-resistant strength of the Vici creates a circular lumen that reduces turbulence and restores flow, optimizing outcomes for patients with deep venous disease.

VICI improves flow with an open lumen

Lumen Shape Affects Flow

Research shows that lumen shape impacts flow. Specifically, a flatter lumen causes higher pressure and lower flow.

Lumen Shape Affects Flow



Clinical Trial

VIRTUS Clinical Trial



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