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A Personalized and Connected SCS Experience

mySCS goals screen.
mySCS app About the Trial page on tablet.
mySCS welcome screen
mySCS progress screen
Goals screen
About the Trial screen
Welcome to mySCS
Simple progress tracking

Patients using mySCS with a Boston Scientific device are more likely to have a successful trial1.

Boston Scientific can help you maximize your patients’ chances for successful therapy with mySCS™. It starts with patient education and personalized goal setting, followed by simple progress tracking and real-time expert support. In the end, it provides a trial summary report for documentation.

Key Resources

Have Your Patients Download mySCS

Give your patients access to learning resources and a direct connection with our SCS patient education team.

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device
  2. Search for “mySCS”
  3. Select “mySCS App”



Discover New Features Now Available

  • Expanded educational content 
  • SCS Journey Checklist 
  • Connect with a Patient Ambassador 
  • Spanish and Arabic translations 
  • Available on tablets and personal computers (in addition to mobile devices)

How mySCS Works

mySCS™ Simplifies the SCS Experience for More Consistent Outcomes
Before Trial During Trial After Trial
Patient education resources for more clarity on the trial experience Daily reminders to increase patient compliance Detailed trial report to easily document success
Realistic goal setting to better assess trial outcome Alerts for early communication when needed Data-driven insights to optimize permanent implant
Patient Education

MySCS overview screen
Real-time patient feedback

mySCS app Your Journey screen
Trial Summary Report

mySCS app summary report screen

Trial Summary Report

At the end of the trial you can receive a Trial Summary Report. This report documents success through patient-reported results and data-driven insights, which can help you optimize the path forward with a permanent implant.
mySCS Trial Report shown on tablet.