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SpyGlass™ DS Direct Visualization System

Featuring Sight Shield Technology

SpyGlass DS System
Order Number Description Packaging
M00546650 SpyGlass DS Digital Controller  Each
M00546610 SpyScope™  DS II Access & Delivery Catheter with Sight Shield Technology  Each
SpyGlass DS Accessory Devices (Optional)

Order Number
Product Description Cable Diameter (in/mm) Jaw Outer Diameter (mm) Working Length (cm) Required Endoscope Working Channel (mm)
M00546470 SpyBite™ Max Biopsy Forceps 0.039 / 1.0 1 286 1.2
M00546270 SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps 0.039 / 1.0 1 286 1.2
M00546550 SpyGlass Retrieval Basket

0.039 / 1.0

N/A 286 1.2
M00546560 SpyGlass Retrieval Snare 0.039 / 1.0 N/A 286 1.2

Biliary EHL Probe
Order Number Description
M00546620 1.9 Fr., 375cm Biliary EHL Probe
AutolithTM Touch System
Order Number Description
M005466800 Autolith Touch EHL Generator
AUTOLITH TOUCH System Accessories
Order Number Description
M00546750 Autolith Touch Extender Cable
M00546760 Autolith Touch Foot Pedal