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LithoVue Empower™ Device is a physician-controlled stone retrieval system that takes stone removal to the next level. It puts the critical task of controlling the basket in the surgeon’s hand while seamlessly integrating with the LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope and our nitinol baskets.

Discover a revolutionary way to streamline basketing from start to finish.

Expert reviews - Hear what the experts are saying.
Keep good form - The LithoVue Empower Device fits our LithoVue™ Ureteroscope and nitinol basket without adding muscular workload to your procedure.1
Improving the OR experience - Discover how we are helping you improve the experience of patient care in the OR - View the infographic
Innovation Journey - See how observational research and insights from partners like you inspired the creation of the LithoVue Empower Device.
One Hand. No Compromises. The LithoVue Empower Device fits permitted single-surgeon stone capture without sacrificing efficiency or the need of an assistant during basketing. 2. View the published study.
Product demo - See how it works
Made for each other – and you. LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope - The LithoVue Empower Device works with our LithoVue Ureteroscope. Now you can turn your trusted LithoVue Ureteroscope  into a physician-controlled retrieval device. Discover how the LithoVue Ureteroscope can help your stone procedures. Retrieval Devices - The LithoVue Empower Device seamlessly integrates with our nitinol retrieval devices.
OR Staff Resources - Access resources for you OR Staff from assembly videos to VAC guides to support your OR staff needs.
Physician in the OR.


Learn from your peers who have shared their insights, approaches and techniques to challenging stone procedures and complex patient presentations.

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