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Now there is a new solution to help you deliver consistent, quality care. The LithoVue Empower™ Device, a physician-controlled stone retrieval system, gives the physician complete control of basketing during stone removal so you can focus on the procedure and what matters most — the patient.
Expert reviews - Hear what the experts are saying.
Challenges in the OR - Every moment matters in the OR. See some common challenges faced today.
The task of stone removal is now completely in the hand of the surgeon. Watch the demo video.
Assembly Video - A step-by-step tutorial on setting up the LithoVue Empower Device. Watch the video.
Basketing Redefined - Deflect scope and actuate a basket with one hand, Intuitive attachment to scope, Ergonomically designed to  not increase muscular workload, Can be used in the left or right hand, Integrates seamlessly with the LithoVue™ Ureteroscope and Boston Scientific nitinol baskets

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