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VersaPulse™ PowerSuite™

Holmium Laser Systems

VersaPulse™ PowerSuite™ 80-100 Watt System.
VersaPulse™ PowerSuite™ 60 Watt System.

The VersaPulse family of holmium lasers offers a variety of versatile high- and med- watt systems for treating urologic conditions, including stones, tumors, strictures and prostate.

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Product Details

80/100W Holmium Laser
Combines two wavelengths: 80 Watt Holmium and 100 Watt Nd:YAG lasers designed for procedures requiring high-energy and strong coagulation capabilities.

60W Holmium Laser
A versatile mid-power laser, capable of handling a wide range of applications requiring precise cutting and controlled ablation.


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