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Auriga XL

50W Holmium Laser

50 Watt Holmium Laser.
50 Watt Holmium Laser

The high-performance Auriga™ XL Holmium Laser is designed for a variety of challenging urological procedures – from lithotripsy of renal, ureteral and bladder stones to surgical treatment of BPH.

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  • Holmium laser that is suited for stone and BPH procedures.
Auriga XL Holmium Laser graphic with down arrows pointing to Lithotripsy and Enucleation/Ablation.


  • High output: 50-watt
  • Max hertz: 25Hz
  • Max pulse energy: 4200mJ
  • Three modes with varying pre-set pulse lengths are available:

    Lithotripsy Mode: Short Pulse Width
    Ablation Mode: Medium Pulse Width
    Coagulation: Long Pulse Width

Intelligent Fiber Recognition

  • The Auriga XL is paired with propriety LightTrail™ Laser Fibers, inclusive of the LightTrail 270µm fiber that can generate 18Hz
  • Console detects what size and type of fiber has been connected
  • Designed for precise optical fit between the fiber and console to increase power at the fiber tip and reduce fiber fracture
  • Only settings that have been tested and verified for the respective fiber size can be selected
LightTrail™ Laser Fibers product shots.

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