Resting Indices

All resting indices — including Pd/Pa, dPR and iFR — provide clinically equivalent results and all indices in the diastolic pressure ratio (dPR) class are numerically identical and verified by clinical evidence.

What is dPR?

dPR calculates Pd/Pa in diastole. Measuring different parts of diastole yields results that are numerically identical.

How dPR Measures Up

Numerically Identical

  • dPR is a diastolic pressure ratio. iFR® is a brand name within the dPR class.
  • Measuring different parts of diastole yields numerically identical results.
  • dPR is as accurate to iFR as two iFR measurements are to each other

Equally Supported

  • Due to class effect, the DEFINE-FLAIR and iFR-Swedeheart studies provide clinical evidence for dPR.
  • The cutoff value of 0.89, clinical recommendations, and guidelines for iFR are applicable 1:1 to dPR.