FFR-Guided Procedures Improved Outcomes vs. Angio Alone

A strong growing body of clinical evidence supports FFR (fractional flow reserve) in increasingly more diverse patient populations and lesion subsets.

FAME I Study shows FFR-guided procedures improved outcomes over angio-guided procedures.¹

  • The FAME I Study evaluated angio-guided PCI vs. FFR-guided PCI.
  • Lesions identified by angio requiring PCI randomized into two groups - Angio-guided vs. FFR-guided.
  • FFR < 0.80 was used as the cutoff.

Results Overview

  • The FFR group performed significantly better in MACE-free survival 30-360 days.
  • The FFR group was statistically significant in Death/MI and MACE but improved in all metrics vs. the angio-guided group.