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Oncozene Microspheres are precisely calibrated microspheres designed to improve procedural efficiency. Unique, calibrated sizing for enhanced treatment options.

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Embozene™ Microspheres Indications, Safety, and Warnings

Product Details


Oncozene Microspheres are indicated for the embolization of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and hypervascular tumors (HVT), and hepatoma.

Unique Features

  • Controlled embolization with precisely calibrated and standardized microspheres
  • 95% of all microspheres fall within the stated variance
  • Greater flexibility with single sale units in 2 ml and 3 ml sized syringes
  • Colored white to enhance visualization

Product Specification and Sizes

  • 3 sizes from 40 μm to 100 μm, in 2 mL or 3 mL syringes
  • Precisely calibrated 40 μm size, non-radioactive microsphere indicated for hepatoma
  • Only product offered in 3mL packaging
  • Shelf life of 3 years

Size 2 ml Syringe 3 ml Syringe
40 ± 10 μm 10420-US1 10430-US1
75 ± 15 μm 10720-US1 10730-US1
100 ± 25 μm 11020-US1 11030-US1

Oncozene syringes Oncozene syringes


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