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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D)

The ENERGEN CRT-D, with the 4-SITE™ DF4 connector system, is designed to streamline the implant procedure and make the thinnest, long-lasting high-energy devices in the world even smaller.

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Product Details

The Condensed Shape of Progress

The thinnest high‐energy devices in the world.

85% of patients would prefer a device that is thinner and wider, rather than thick and narrow1.

Designed to further enhance patient comfort, when used in conjunction with the ENERGEN CRT-D device systems, the RELIANCE™ lead with 4‐SITE makes the thinnest high‐energy device system in the world even smaller.

ENERGEN CRT-Ds are the thinnest high-energy devices on the market without sacrificing on device longevity, which is supported by our industry‐leading warranty covering device replacements for up to 10 years.

A Streamlined Implant

The proprietary EZ-4 connector tool is the only DF4 accessory designed to streamline the implant procedure by helping physicians perform the four following functions:

  • Protecting the lead terminal during the implant procedure
  • Providing a safe and secure connection between pacing system analyzer (PSA) patient cables and the lead terminal
  • Guiding the stylet into the lead through the funnel
  • Rotating the terminal pin clockwise or counterclockwise to extend or retract the helix for leads with an extendable/retractable helix

Ultimately, the RELIANCE lead with 4‐SITE eliminates the potential to reverse positive and negative DF-1 connections and reduces lead pocket bulk by 30% via the elimination of the yoke and combining three terminals into that single DF4 connection.

A Legacy of Lead Reliability

Reliability and performance of leads over time is important for patient safety and CRT-D system performance. RELIANCE with 4‐SITE is built on the demonstrated performance and reliability of the RELIANCE lead platform -- the only tachy lead family on the market for over 10 years with 0 recalls. 

The RELIANCE DF-1 lead has nearly 98.9% survival probability at 9 years while Medtronic Sprint Quattro has 98.4% at 5 years and St. Jude Riata ST Optim has 98.8% at 3 years.2

Furthermore, Boston Scientific's ENDOTAK RELIANCE is the only lead with GORE ePTFE‐covered shocking coils, which prevent tissue in‐growth and does not affect defibrillation thresholds.

Advanced Heart Failure Management

Heart failure is the #1 leading cause of hospitalizations in the developed world. Boston Scientific is the only company with indications for all four classes of heart failure. Through LATITUDE™ Heart Failure Management, Boston Scientific brings you the only remotely monitored diagnostic information aligned with JCAHO and the ACC/AHA guidelines for heart failure. 

LATITUDE Heart Failure Management System is the only remote monitoring system that has been approved with a weight alert that indicates a potential change in a patient’s health status. The essential diagnostic information gained through remote monitoring of weight and blood pressure (LATITUDE Heart Failure Management) is now included with ENERGEN devices.

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