Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheters

STEEROCATH-DX Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX Bi-directional Catheter Curve
STEEROCATH-DX Mapping Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX Bi-Directional Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
STEEROCATH-DX Bi-directional Catheter Curve - The STEEROCATH-DX Special Procedure Octapolar Catheter is designed to map difficult to access anatomy.
STEEROCATH-DX Mapping Catheter - The STEEROCATH-DX Catheter is on the familiar BLAZER™ Catheter handle platform.



Product Details

Procedural Benefits

  • Active bi-directional steering with the familiar BLAZER™ Catheter handle platform
  • Accurate tip control for excellent site access and tip stability
  • Allows back steering to advance the catheter through tortuous vasculature and further into the coronary sinus to facilitate left atrial mapping

Adjustable tension control

  • Freedom to adjust tension
  • Enables precise micromovements and locking of curve
  • Ability to soften pressure on distal segment for mapping difficult-to-access anatomy

Extended distal shaft

  • Soft extended shaft segments designed to reduce risk of perforation
  • Combination of soft distal tip and high torque proximal tubing is designed to increase maneuverability

Device Illustration

SteeroCath-Dx Handle
Familiar BLAZER handle
Description Specifications
Shaft Diameter 7F
Usable Length 110cm
Electrode Material Platinum/Iridium
Curve Size Special Procedure
Curve Direction Bidirectional
Configuration Octapolar

Ordering Information

Model Number  Electrode Configuration Electrode Spacing Cable Model Number

M004 2027BL O 
Octapolar 2.5mm M004 6268 0 
M004 2028BL O  Octapolar 2.5/5/2.5mm M004 6268 0 


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