Capital Equipment: Diagnostic

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  • iLAB™ featuring ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging System and Ultrasound Imaging Catheter

    iLAB™ Ultrasound Imaging System and ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging Catheter for Intracardiac Imaging

    ICE provides the combination of real-time imaging and soft tissue visualization that cannot be duplicated by fluoroscopy, pre-operative imaging (CT or MR), or electroanatomic mapping. Not only can you identify anatomical structures, you can visualize where devices are relative to those structures.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • LABSYSTEM™ PRO EP Recording System

    When it comes to EP recording, nothing performs like a PRO...The LABSYSTEM™ Pro EP Recording System. Our powerful, performance-driven software is now available with new features that deliver increased flexibility for data review and export. Why settle for anything less?

    1. Electrophysiology
  • STIMLAB™ Cardiac Stimulator

    The MicroPace STIMLAB™ Dual Touch Stimulation system offers the first effective bedside stimulator display and touch screen controller, displaying all stimulator settings and allowing adjustment of all basic stimulator parameters by the scrubbed physician.

    1. Electrophysiology