Steerable Sheath

CHANNEL™ Steerable Sheath
CHANNEL™ Steerable Sheath
CHANNEL™ Steerable Sheath’s CurveLock™ Technology designed for precise position
CHANNEL™ Steerable Sheath for control, stability and visualization

CHANNEL Steerable Sheath is designed with a strong, steerable shaft to facilitate placement of devices in peripheral and coronary systems.

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Product Details

Right Place, Right Time, Right Sheath – Every Time.


The Sheath for Every Ablation Case. Versatile, Consistent and Dependable.

Side Port

  • Allows for flushing and aspiration

CurveLockTM Technology

  • Designed to remain in the precise position once

Hemostasis Valve

  • Prevents back-bleed

Other Features:

  • Flush Holes:   Allows for continuous heparin delivery
  • Radiopaque:  Marker Band Convenient visualization
  • Braided Shaft:  The exclusive shaft features optimal torque and kink resistance
  • Inner PTFE Liner:  Allows for smooth advance of devices
  • 0 to 180° steerability with active straightening
  • The pin-point control and stability of the CHANNEL Steerable Sheath provide critical capabilities for a successful case

CurveLockTM Technology

Use with 89cm TSXTM Transseptal Needle

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Tapered tip transition
  • Item number 2001398
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Ordering Information

Steerable Sheath
Steerable Sheath
Item Number M004CS100   M004CS200
French Size Compatibility  8F  9F
Sheath Inner Diameter (ID) 8.3F / 2.8mm  9.8F / 3.3mm
Sheath Outer Diameter (OD) 11.4F / 3.8mm  12.6F / 4.2mm
Sheath Usable Length  67cm  67cm

Sheath Radiopaque Marker

0.25in / 6.35mm from tip       0.25in / 6.35mm from tip       
Sheath Turning Range  0 to 180° 0 to 180°
Dilator Usable Length 86cm  86cm
Transseptal Needle Compatibility 89cm needle  89cm needle
Dilator ID Compatibility 0.038in / 1mm  0.038in / 1mm


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