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It’s important to remember that you can live a full and active life with a WATCHMAN Implant. You can find some general guidelines about returning to work and resuming your everyday activities below. But be sure to talk to your doctor about what’s right for your specific situation.

Resuming Normal Activities

You can return to normal activities gradually, pacing your return to activity as you feel better. Check with your doctor about resuming strenuous physical activities. And be sure to let your doctor know about any lifestyle changes you make during the recovery process

Returning to Work

Most people can return to work within a few days following their WATCHMAN Implant procedure, but be sure to talk to your doctor to see what’s right for you.

Exercise and Playing Sports

Please check with your doctor about what physical activities you can do after your implant procedure and when it is safe to resume them.

Going Through Metal Detectors

Your WATCHMAN Implant will not set off metal detectors so you can go through metal detectors at the airport, sporting events and other public places without any fear of setting them off.

Carrying Your WATCHMAN Implant Card

Whether you’re running a quick errand or taking a vacation, it’s important to always carry your WATCHMAN Implant Card with you.

Finding a WATCHMAN Medical Center

Search for facilities that treat patients with WATCHMAN Implants.

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Reporting Medication Side Effects

It’s important to let your doctor know about medication side effects immediately. These may include bleeding, headaches, nausea, vomiting or rash.

Talk to Your Doctor

Every patient’s situation is unique. So, it’s important to talk to your doctor about ways to safely resume normal activities after your WATCHMAN Implant procedure.

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