VICI Venous Stent System


Resist Crush & Improve Flow

Specifically engineered to withstand the crushing forces of venous disease, Vici delivers the radial strength required to maintain a circular lumen, restore flow effectively, and optimize clinical outcomes.


See the difference

Dynamic and durable, the stent architecture of the Vici Venous Stent System does what other stents simply can't. 


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Uniquely Engineered for Crush Resistance

Distinctive Closed Cell Design

  • Thickness-to-strut ratio is tuned for venous durability
  • 24 strut rings and alternating curved bridges balance strength and flexibility


Lumen Shape Affects Flow

Research shows that lumen shape impacts flow. Specifically, a flatter lumen causes higher pressure and lower flow.


Improves Flow with an Open Lumen

The crush-resistant strength of the Vici creates a circular lumen that reduces turbulence and restores flow, optimizing outcomes for patients with deep venous disease.

VICI Video Series

Hear from industry experts how VICI is uniquely designed for the venous anatomy.

Closed-Cell Architecture

VICI’s unique closed-cell design helps create the open, circular lumen you want to see. In this short video, hear why.

Crush Resistance

Crush resistance is a top priority for treating venous disease and its intense compressive characteristics. Watch this short video featuring Mikel Sadek, MD; Kush Desai, MD; and David Dexter, MD, to learn how VICI is uniquely designed to resist powerful extrinsic forces.

Open Lumen

Fluid dynamics prove that a circular shape reduces pressure in the venous system. To hear from Lowell Kabnick, MD; David Dexter, MD; Mahmood Razavi, MD why this is the case, check out this quick video about VICI and its unique ability to deliver open lumens.

Quality of Life

Chronic venous disease affects a broad range of people. What they all have in common is the inability to live the life they want. Watch this short video to hear from Kush Desai, MD; David Dexter, MD; William Marston, MD why VICI is the right technology for treating venous disease—and improving patients’ quality of life.

Video series
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