Treating PE.
EkoSonic™ Endovascular System (EKOS)

Treating PE

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The new standard of care for pulmonary embolism

EKOS therapy is a minimally invasive system for dissolving thrombus. The ultrasonic core generates an acoustic field which greatly accelerates lytic dispersion by driving the drug deeper into the clot and unwinding the fibrin to expose plasminogen receptor sites.



What to consider when selecting an interventional PE treatment option


More and more clinicians are looking to intervention as a front-line treatment for intermediate risk pulmonary embolism. But what does success look like in PE? What are the potential interventional approaches? And what is the current landscape of evidence? Watch the webinar and see that the experts think.


EKOS Therapy and Mechanical Thrombectomy in PE - webinar.

Build a pulmonary embolism program in your hospital.

Build a pulmonary embolism program in your hospital

A PE program collaborates to develop a treatment plan that’s specifically tailored to each patient. Proactive and robust, their treatment plans have helped drop PE mortality rates by 300%.1 Learn more about early identification, facilitating a rapid response to PE and how implementing a standardized PE Pathway can improve outcomes in your hospital.

Indications, Safety and Warnings 


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