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Patient Outcomes.
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Patient Outcomes

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The Confidence to Treat Pulmonary Embolism

The Confidence to Treat Pulmonary Embolism

EKOS is a reliable, predictable procedure with proven patient outcomes. With EKOS, you will rarely need to question “Did I get it all?” With a single catheter placement, EKOS avoids potential thrombectomy related complications with low lytic, low blood loss, low trauma. All while providing the reach you need to treat distal PE.

OPTALYSE Long-Term Data - Sustained RV Remodeling & Improved Patient Outcomes

In the OPTALYSE study which evaluated the optimal dose/duration of EKOS treatment, patients were followed for one year. In addition to showing quick improvement in RV function, the long-term data showed sustained RV remodeling out to one-year. OPTALYSE was also the first study of an interventional PE treatment to show improvement in patient quality of life outcomes.1

Heart icon in blue circle with "RV Function"

RV Function

Marker of RV remodeling showed sustained improvement out to one-year
Pedestrian icon in blue circle with "Endurance"


Patients walked further and a greater proportion without symptoms of dyspnea or fatigue at 1-year
Icon of person exercising in blue circle with "Physical Functioning"

Physical Functioning

One-year improvement in physical functioning and quality of life scores mirrored RV recovery
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Quality of Life

One-year improvement in physical functioning and quality of life scores mirrored RV recovery

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Success Measured in Lives Saved

75,000 PE patients and counting have been successfully treated with EKOS. Here is just one of those cases, where a patient with intermediate risk PE is treated following an OPTALYSE 6-hour EKOS protocol resulting in accelerated symptom improvement and normalization of RV size.


“Despite many options for interventional treatment for PE, EKOS remains the most applicable, straightforward and data driven available. The OPTALYSE protocol has greatly simplified the approach with a limited dose of tPA and short infusion time. This patient, as with others, exemplified these EKOS features leading to accelerated symptom improvement with very low complications and, therefore, continues to bring us back to EKOS as our go-to therapy for the interventional treatment of PE.“
– Anas Safadi, MD, ABVM, FACC, FSCAI


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Indications, Safety and Warnings

1. Tapson V et al. A randomized trial of the optimum duration of acoustic pulse thrombolysis procedure in acute intermediate-risk pulmonary embolism.  JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions 2018; 11(14):1401-1410.