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Drug-Eluting Portfolio

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Drug-Eluting Portfolio Video

See how Boston Scientific is committed to advancing science in the fight against PAD by boldly innovating with next-generation, drug-eluting technology.

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Drug-Eluting Portfolio Clinical Data

Our proven exceptional results are backed by Level-1 Randomized Controlled Trials. See the data.

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Drug-Eluting Investment in Clinical Data

The best outcomes begin with our investment in the quality and quantity of evidence you demand.

Portfolio image of Dr. Ravish Sachar, MD wearing a suit and tie.

Drug-Eluting Technologies

Ravish Sachar, MD shares perspectives on Boston Scientific’s Drug-Eluting Technologies.


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Ranger™ Drug-Coated Balloon

Blue and black smokey background with text Ranger 2 SFA RCT 2-year primary patency results

DE Clinical Data Animation - RANGER II SFA

View the 2-year primary patency results from the RANGER II SFA RCT.

Blue and black smokey background with text COMPARE RCT RANGER DCB vs. IN.PACT DCB

COMPARE randomized Controlled Trial Results

View the COMPARE Clinical Trial 2-Year results.


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Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

Blue and black smokey background with Eluvia DES EMINENT RCT 1-Year Results text and blue glowing stent.

DE Clinical Data Animation - EMINENT

View the 1-year primary patency results from the world's largest RCT of SFA stents: Eluvia DES vs. BMS.

Dr. William Gray discusses the sustained drug release of the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System.

The Breakthrough

Physicians discuss the tuned paclitaxel elution profile of the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent and how the stent has demonstrated unprecedented efficacy data in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, MD discusses the unprecedented clinical outcomes for the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent.

The Data

See what physicians are saying about the unprecedented clinical outcomes for the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, including two-year primary patency and TLR rates.

Blue tinted image of needle and mesh

The Challenge

Hear what physicians have to say about the challenges of treating the SFA and how drug-eluting stents may help improve patient outcomes.

Close-up view of many metal stents in a group

The Heritage

See how over a decade of research helped Eluvia DES engineers develop the first drug-eluting stent for the SFA designed to sustain drug release when restenosis is most likely.

Lab products with a blue tint background

The Solution

Physicians talk about the importance of drug-eluting stents in complex lesions and how the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent is fine-tuned to produce a sustainable release of paclitaxel over time.

Dr. Jay Kokate discusses the challenges of treating the SFA.

The Challenges of the SFA

Find out how the challenging biological environment, mechanical issues and timing of disease progression impact treatment of the SFA.

Partial area of a chart displaying Eluvia IMPERIAL trial

IMPERIAL Trial: First of its Kind Design

Physicians provide an overview of the trial’s unique design, including the Eluvia DES and how investigators sought to improve on prior technologies.

Two men wearing suits listening and watching speaker during a panel discussion

Impact of the IMPERIAL Trial

Hear physician commentary on how the IMPERIAL Trial’s level 1 evidence is influencing their clinical and economic decisions.

One man wearing suit speaking during a panel discussion

IMPERIAL Trial: Influencing Treatment Algorithms

See how IMPERIAL Trial results may help physicians make recommendations on which forms of antiproliferative therapies are best for each patient.

Manufacturing view of the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent

The Design of the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent System

Discover how the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent was designed to match the restenotic cascade for better healing and patency in the superficial femoral arteries (SFA).


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