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Flexiva™ TracTip
Laser Fiber

The patient is recovering nicely, but the scope could be in critical condition.

Protect your scope with the Flexiva TracTip Laser Fiber.

While laser lithotripsy can bring critical relief to your patients, it can also inflict serious and costly damage to the working channel of your flexible ureteroscope.

The Flexiva TracTip Fiber offers a unique design and exclusive FlexShieldTM Coating that maximizes performance and scope protection.

A clinical evaluation of 98 consecutive procedures using Flexiva TracTip Fiber demonstrated no observed scope damage related to the fiber and no fiber fractures with deflection.1

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Trackability with Ball Tip

  • Polished and reinforced ball-shaped output tip has the ability to track through a fully deflected scope without damage to the scope liner or optics.
  • Designed to reduce potential steps associated with the initial advancement of a deflected laser fiber to the treatment site.*
Product diagram of Flex Shield.

Output Efficiency

Graph of output efficiencies for various Flexiva models.


  • Optimized core size of 242 microns allows for scope deflection to reach all areas of the renal pelvis.

FlexShield Coating

  • Durable design and materials can withstand a 1.0 cm bend diameter at 50 Watts2.

Custom Guided Connector

  • Custom Guided Connector designed to guide energy toward the core and safely diffuse any errant laser energy.

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Bench Testing on file with Boston Scientific. Bench testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.