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SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel

Certified applier program


We utilize a formal certification process for all new users, proctoring thousands of cases annually to ensure optimal patient outcomes. To become certified in the application of SpaceOAR Hydrogel, physicians must complete the following necessary steps.

Hands-on desktop demonstration of product setup & application by a certified SpaceOAR Hydrogel representative.

Review SpaceOAR Hydrogel System Application Physician Training Module with a certified SpaceOAR Hydrogel representative.

Complete multiple cases under guidance of a certified SpaceOAR Hydrogel representative, and demonstrate competency to successfully complete the SpaceOAR Hydrogel application independently.

Additional programs & training opportunities


In addition to the required training, Boston Scientific offers various additional training opportunities to enhance your physician's SpaceOAR Hydrogel application technique.


Peer-to-peer training

Opportunities include lectures, preceptorships, proctorships and peer-to-peer calls.

Centers of education (COE)

Live case observation & discussions at one of our established COEs.


Targeted topics led by our top healthcare experts.

National courses

Procedural & clinical education offered in partnership with UroGPO and The Urology Center of Colorado.

Resident in-services

Residents can train to participate in some, or all, of the procedure under the guidance of a certified applier.

Continuing nursing education

Intended primarily for RNs with responsibility for or interest in prostate diagnosis & treatment. Participants will be granted 1 contact hour CNE credit.


Simulation training models a real-world SpaceOAR Hydrogel application.

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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

CAUTION: The law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the product labeling supplied with each device. Information for use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations. This material not intended for use in France.

Products shown for INFORMATION purposes only and may not be approved or for sale in certain countries. Please check availability with your local sales representative or customer service.

SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels are intended to temporarily position the anterior rectal wall away from the prostate during radiotherapy for prostate cancer and in creating this space it is the intent of SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels to reduce the radiation dose delivered to the anterior rectum.

Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and potential adverse events.

As with any medical treatment, there are some risks involved with the use of SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels. Potential complications associated with SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels include, but are not limited to: pain associated with SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels injection; pain or discomfort associated with SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels; needle penetration of the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum or urethra; injection of SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels into the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum or urethra; local inflammatory reactions; infection; injection of air, fluid or SpaceOAR and SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogels intravascularly; urinary retention; rectal mucosal damage, ulcers, necrosis; bleeding; and rectal urgency. URO-989811-AA

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