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Data-Driven Preoperative Counseling for Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

Multiple factors – including the degree of leakage – contribute to the severity of male stress urinary incontinence, as well as the likelihood of successful surgical treatment.

Nabeel Shakir, Dallas, Texas – USA

New Ways to Reach and Treat More Men Who Have ED

The idea of innovation is important to me. The Doctor Radio Men’s Health show on Sirius XM Radio was a brand new opportunity for me to reach a large audience and not only talk about ED, but solutions like penile implants.

Jaspreet Singh, DO, Newburgh, New York – USA
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Recovering Together: A Case for Couples-Oriented Survivorship

As our practice strives to enhance our prostate cancer survivorship program, I am often impressed with the devotion and advocacy demonstrated by many spouses of prostate cancer patients.

Kadee Thompson, MD - Sacramento, CA

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This is Innovation

Inspiring, real-world examples of innovation from your peers in prosthetic urology around the globe. Support their stories, share yours.

Minimizing Bleeding Complications After Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Surgery

While placing an inflatable penile prosthesis is a safe, reliable and effective surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction, rarely scrotal bleeding can result in hematomas and infections.

Nabeel Shakir, Dallas, Texas, USA
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Celebrating my First 200 Patients Receiving the Artificial Urinary Sphincter

To celebrate the first 200 patients receiving the Artificial Urinary Sphincter to treat incontinence, the Fundación IVO in Valencia, Spain hosted a reception for these patients and their families.

Argimiro Collado Serra, MD, Spain

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Placement Preserving the Bulbospongiosus Muscle

Artificial urinary sphincter AMS-800® is an effective treatment for male stress urinary incontinence. Usually, the bulbospongiosus muscle is opened in the midline and the cuff is placed around the exposed bulbous urethra.

Argimiro Collado Serra, MD - Spain
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