The Ureteral Stent Tracker

Introducing the Ureteral Stent Tracker

The Ureteral Stent Tracker is a digital solution to track ureteral stent placements with the goal of reducing forgotten stents. The Ureteral Stent Tracker is HIPAA-compliant, and available as a mobile app and web portal.

  • Minimize risk of complications due to forgotten stents
  • Optimize tracking efficiency
  • Reduce human error


Easy Tracking for Every Stent You Place

  1. Capture patient name and extraction due date
  2. Scan the barcode on Boston Scientific ureteral stents to automatically populate stent details (from the mobile app)
  3. Monitor the status of stent cases through a personal or practice-level dashboard and recurring email notifications

Secure Patient Health Information

The Visible Health platform that supports the Ureteral Stent Tracker has been designed around compliance and is designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Human Services HIPAA Security Standards. You may access Visible Health’s policies at or email to request specific information.
Visible Health in partnership with Boston Scientific developed the Ureteral Stent Tracker.  For technical support, email