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In this live case from TCT 2019, Boston Scientific’s Structural Heart Valvular Therapies portfolio synchronize to deliver a predictable procedure with an optimized outcome. This TAVR procedure featuring LOTUS Edge, SENTINEL and SAFARI2 from New York Presbyterian-Columbia Hospital was performed by Dr. Isaac George and Dr. Susheel Kodali along with Fellow Emad Hahn and Dr. Becky Hahn and Dr. Talal Al Zahari on echo.

The patient’s heavy and bulky calcium burden and long leaflets (approximately 17mm) presented risks of coronary obstruction, annular rupture and valvular leak. As pointed out by Dr. Hahn, a particular area of concern, was a very heavy bulky calcium of the sinus opposite the left main would push the valve towards the left main orifice.

 LOTUS Edge was selected because of its unique ability to fully deploy, assess and reposition or recapture if necessary. This capability would be very valuable if the calcium load interfered with the desired placement.

In addition, SENTINEL CPS was utilized to protect the patient from peri-procedural stroke.  

The safety and efficacy of LOTUS Edge has not been established for patients with congenital bicuspid valves. Boston Scientific is currently studying the subgroup in its REPRISE IV clinical study to better understand the clinical outcomes specific to this patient group.