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Boston Scientific Endoscopy is here to support you during COVID-19

We know the rapidly evolving global coronavirus outbreak has brought unprecedented challenges to you and your patients. Our priority is supporting you in addressing these challenges by sharing endoscopy clinical guidance as well as first-hand experiences from physicians. Here, you’ll find information on upcoming webcasts and on-demand videos to watch at your convenience. 

Our teams remain committed to supporting you during this extraordinary time, whether it's answering questions or providing critical patient procedure support, in accordance with health authority recommendations. We’re here to assist you in any way we can. Please reach out to your representative or contact us at 1-888-272-1001.



Maintaining Endoscopy Staff Safety
in the Midst of COVID-19

Experts provide guidance on modes of transmission and infection control protocols to help maintain safety and protection in the midst of COVID-19. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:
What the Department of Endoscopy Should Know

Hear from Professor Alessandro Repici, Humanitas Research Hospital & University, Milan, Italy, on his personal experience with the coronavirus outbreak and what he feels the endoscopy department should know. 


COVID-19 Endoscopy Strategies

Dr. Srisha Hebbar shares the strategies that have been set out in the NHS for patient management in Endoscopy relating to COVID19 and the impact his Endoscopy Department.


COVID-19: The South African Perspective

In this webinar, Prof. Adam Mahomed and Dr. Jarrod Zamparini, from Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital, share their experience with COVID-19 and how they are changing their day to day practice in Endoscopy within South Africa.


Telehealth in the time of COVID-19

Watch a Complimentary Webcast on key changes to telehealth reimbursement coverage and coding during COVID-19. This webcast is applicable to all specialties.


Boston Scientific’s Response to COVID-19

Learn more about Boston Scientific’s response to COVID-19 and how we’re protecting our employees and helping to prevent transmission of the virus in our communities. 

Summary of Legislative and Policy Provisions to Support Health Care Providers (HCPs) During the COVID-19 Pandemic1

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