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Global Perspectives on COVID-19
Our goal through this series is to get you snippets of advice and perceptions of the realities of COVID-19 from your colleagues all around the world.
Lessons From the Frontlines.

Lessons From the Frontlines

Learnings from the Epicenter for Future Hotspots

Hear From Your Colleagues
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“Most importantly, in the short term at least, the timing and implementation of resuming services really is dependent on local and regional standards.”

—Dr. Bret N. Wiechmann
Vascular & Interventional Physicians

Dr Wiechmann - Considerations for Resuming Elective Procedures.
Dr Wiechmann - Safety Measures.
Dr Wiechmann - Prioritizing Patients.
Dr Wiechmann - Appointment Changes.
Dr Wiechmann - Communication.

“We continue to implement our screening guidelines and our patient flow guidelines to continue to minimize any possibility of viral spread.”

—Dr. Joseph Hewett
PEDES Orange County

Dr. Hewett image.
Dr Hewett - Safety Measures.
Dr Hewett - Prioritize Patients.
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“I think that the devotion and the effort put forth by many of our physicians and healthcare professionals has allowed us to fight against the virus, and I am sure eventually we will be able to beat the virus.”

—Dr. Hyung Sub Park
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea

Dr. Park - A Word of Support.
Dr. Park - Advice.
Dr. Park - Family.
Dr. Park - Current Situation.

“Panic doesn't solve anything.”

—Dr. Wei Guo
Director of Vascular Department of Chinese PLA General Hospital
Vice President of Chinese Association of Vascular Surgeons

Dr. Guo image.
Dr. Guo - Changes.
Dr. Guo - Current Situation.
Dr. Guo - Advice.
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“Through the experience of MERS, about five years ago in Korea, we developed a checklist on how to prevent virus transmission in the hospital; so we could instantly and systemically set up operating protocol for Interventional Radiology.”

—Dr. Young Hwan Kim
Chairmen of Diagnostic Radiology
Daegu Catholic University Medical Center
Secretary General Korean Society of Interventional Radiology

Dr. Kim - Support and Advice.
Dr. Kim - Change in Practice.
Dr. Kim - Situation in South Korea.

“Now we’re almost 100% revived for the regular practice of IR procedures.”

—Dr. Gao-Jun Teng
The Chair of Department of IR and Vascular Surgery
President of Zhongda Hospital Southeast University in Nanjing, China
President of Chinese College of Interventionalist (CCI)

Dr. Teng image
Dr. Teng - Advice.
Dr. Teng - Recovery.
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“Our plans are returning step-by-step to our normal work.”

—Dr. Elena Lonjedo
Radiology Department Chief
Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset

Dr. Lonjedo - Recovery.

“I think everything will change in the world. Not only medical work or hospital life, but the world will change at the end of this pandemic.”

—Professor Burcak Gumus
Istanbul Okan University Hospital

Professor Gumus image
Professor Gumus - Staffing.
Professor Gumus - Changes.
Professor Gumus - Thromboembolism.
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“In the most severe patients who develop acute worsening of the respiratory parameters, we need to think about the possibility of pulmonary embolism; which must be promptly diagnosed and treated.”

—Professor Fabio Rossi
Dante Pazzanese Cardiovascular Institute

Professor Rossi - Advice.
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