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Introducing mySCS™ and The SIMPLIFY Method™

With mySCS and The SIMPLIFY Method, Boston Scientific is redefining the SCS experience for you and your patients.

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A Personalized and Connected Trial Experience

mySCS introduces goal setting, simple progress tracking and real time expert support.

Patients using mySCS are more likely to have a successful trial.1


Education and Expectation Setting

  • Patient Education Resources for instant access to essential information
  • Realistic Goal Setting to better assess progress and trial outcome

Progress Tracking and Real-Time Support

  • Daily patient feedback for progress tracking
  • Automated reminders to increase patient compliance
  • Allows for communication when needed
  • Direct connection to care team

Trial Summary Documentation

  • Trial summary report to easily document success
  • Data-driven insights to optimize the decision for permanent implant



Personalization Made Simple

The SIMPLIFY Method personalizes pain relief with seamless lead coverage and science-driven therapy recommendations featuring the Contour™ Sub-Perception Algorithm.

This approach is now available across the upgraded SCS portfolio.


Science-Driven Therapy

The Halo Study.

The SIMPLIFY Method offers science-driven therapy recommendations based on clinical evidence from the HALO Study2, PROCO RCT3 and the COMBO RCT.4

Boston Scientific pioneered the concept of effective neural dosing with an expanded understanding of sub-perception therapy from 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz.


Point-and-Click Simplicity

With computer-generated algorithms powered by Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) and proprietary 3D anatomical modeling.

Provides seamless paresthesia coverage designed to precisely target the dorsal column.
A broad sub-perception field designed to preferentially modulate the dorsal horn.

Upgraded SCS Portfolio

With a portfolio to meet the unique needs of each patient, Boston Scientific now offers the Illumina 3D Algorithm and the Contour Sub-perception Algorithm to new and existing patients.


Spectra Wavewriter


32 Contacts

Precision Montage MRI


Full Body MRI*

Precision Novi



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