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Components of Cognita Solutions from Boston Scientific

Cognita Solutions: Partnership Made Personal

Boston Scientific is invested in growing your impact with Cognita, a comprehensive solution that helps you to identify, manage and maintain patients throughout the spinal cord stimulation pain management journey.


Identify: Increase Your Impact

  • to increase patient awareness and locate local pain management physicians
  • PatientFinder to help you understand the local pain community needs
  • mySCS App to educate patients early in the process


Manage: Treat more patients

  • Tele-Psych Evaluations for quicker clearances
  • Pre-Authorization Portal for faster approvals and less denials
  • Physician Portal for visibility on patient status and progress


Maintain: Sustain therapy success

  • mySCS app to stay connected with patients post-implant
  • The Patient Review to help you track outcomes over time
  • Bluetooth®-Enabled for broader connectivity options

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Partnership Made Personal

Success in pain management goes beyond the device and therapy. We help identify market insights and strategies for your local market based on your needs to expand patient outreach, maximize practice efficiency and sustain therapy outcomes.

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