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Stimulation targeted to the areas you want. Avoiding the areas you don’t.

Vercise Directional Systems* allow you to define the size, shape, position and direction of stimulation to accurately target therapy and avoid unwanted side effect, even in the presence of impedance variability.
Vercise DBS physician product details

See Vercise DBS Directional Systems in action

A shape designed for cosmetic discretion

Smaller and thinner, with elegant contours, the Vercise Directional Systems IPGs are designed to minimize erosion and provide cosmetic discretion

“Before, I had two bulging [generators]. The other night I was [in bed], I didn’t feel anything in my chest. I didn’t sense it was even there.”*

Bill Day, Pittsburgh, PA
Boston Scientific DBS Patient

Cartesia: More Flexibility. Better control. Precisely

Follow our lead to more precise DBS therapy with the Cartesia™ Directional Lead from Boston Scientific. Unlike single-source directional systems, each contact on the Cartesia Lead has its own power source, so physicians have more control over their patients’ stimulation.
Vercise DBS physician product details

Hear from Dr. Francisco Ponce on the benefits of
DBS with a directional lead.

Simple, Intuitive Programming

Use One Touch Programming buttons to quickly steer stimulation into one of four orthogonal directions or put the stimulation field into “ring mode.”

Chose between a 15-year+ battery life rechargeable system or a small, lightweight non-rechargeable IPG

Vercise Gevia
  • Battery life of at least 15 years with no automatic shut off to help reduce surgical interventions 
  • Easy wireless charging designed to fit seamless into patient routines
  • Zero-Volt™ battery technology, specifically engineered to maintain capacity and resist corrosion over years of recharging
Vercise PC
  • A non-rechargeable battery with larger capacity and has a 20 percent smaller IPG size than the Medtronic® Activa™ PC
  • Thinnest non-rechargeable batter available
  • Size and shape designed for patient discretion and to reduce implant size and complications

Automatically adjusts for changes in impedance

Impedance changes can happen suddenly at any time.1 The Vercise Directional Systems automatically adjust for impedance changes to provide accurate, sustained stimulation over time. Single source systems do not.

Over the years, we’ve put together a robust compendium of clinical data supporting our Directional Systems

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