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Embold™ Fibered Coils treats an AVM​


Complex PAVM of the right upper lobe with multiple feeders. This was found incidentally on a head and neck CTA for headache.


A 5 F diagnostic catheter was used to enter the right pulmonary artery. A TruSelect™ Microcatheter was subsequently utilized to catheterize two right upper lobe pulmonary artery branches supplying a pulmonary AVM. Embold Fibered Coils were successfully deployed precisely into only these feeding arteries.​ Both the microcatheter and coils tracked very easily without any movement during coil deployment.


Embold Fibered Coils occluded the flow to this complex pulmonary AVM.

Scan of vein before placement of coil. AVM pre-procedure
Scan of vein after Embold fibered coil. After Embold Fibered placement​

Preston Eiswirth, MD​
Intermountain Medical Center​
Murray, UT​

Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.