Precision Technology

Hit tumors* hard with TheraSphere.

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Surrounding HCC Tumors with Precision and Accuracy

Highly versatile and highly powerful, TheraSphere has been proven at downsizing and destroying tumors* in patients with HCC.The treatment consists of precisely formulated glass microspheres, infused with high-dose Y-90, delivered with targeted accuracy into HCC tumors improving tumor* response and longer overall patient survival.

Highly Powerful Y-90 Radiation Embedded Within Each Glass Microsphere

  • Arrives in a custom sealed source vial with an easy and safe set-up
  • Infusion does not require contrast to evaluate flow due to minimally embolic properties and takes less than five minutes
  • Minimal opportunities for residual and no concern over stasis or reflux


Hear From Y-90 Leaders

A more precise deployment of radiation to the tumor* means less off target effects to healthy tissue. Hear key Y-90 physicians touch on the precision technology of TheraSphere.

Dr Tablri-Defining Precise Dosing and Why It Matters.
“So when we can really do precise dosing and a personalized dose to a specific patient, that means that we can target a very small amount of normal liver tissue.” Hear Nora Tabori, MD, an Interventional Radiologist with MedStar Washington Hospital, explain the importance of precise dosing.
Dr Kim-Delivering on a Promise.
“You put a lot of planning into your treatments and you want it to be executed a hundred percent.” Hear why Edward Kim, MD FSIR, Associate Professor of Radiology and Surgery, Director Interventional Oncology at Mount Sinai thinks TheraSphere allows for a predictable response and delivers reliable results.
  1. Salem R, Gabr A, Riaz A, et al. Institutional decision to adopt Y-90 as primary treatment for HCC informed by a 1,000-patient 15-year experience. Hepatology. 2017 Dec 1.

*Refers to HCC or associated tumors