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Supporting Physician Education and Providing Resources.

With over 1,500 trained healthcare professionals just last year, we understand the need to engage the Interventional Radiology community from fellowship to deep in practice, offering opportunities to learn from leaders in the field.

These opportunities include:

  • The most comprehensive Interventional Radiology Fellows program in the country
  • Our Advanced User Program, currently training over 500 physicians worldwide and specifically tailored for our TheraSphereTM Y-90 Glass Microspheres users
  • Numerous peer-to-peer learning opportunities, ranging from visiting Centers of Excellence to preceptor programs, virtual webinars and remote consultations
  • Continuing Education courses credentialed through ASRT for Allied Health Professionals
Interventional Oncology Virtual Education.

Interventional Oncology Virtual Education

Virtual webinars from Boston Scientific to keep you up to date on Interventional Oncology topics

Education and Training.

Education and Training

A variety of programs and ongoing engagement for Physicians, Fellows and Allied Health Professionals.

Product Resources

Learn more about our cancer therapies and ablation products with key brochures and fact sheets.

Ablation Products


CX cryoablation needles are engineered for optimal clinical performance, featuring a proprietary needle design providing precise placement and control.

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Visual ICE Cryoablation System delivers the next generation of therapy and superior iceball performance.

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Microsphere and Bead Products

LC Bead™ Product Brochure

LC Bead is a controlled embolization system intended for the purpose of embolising the blood vessels of a variety of hypervascularized tumors and arteriovenous malformations.

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LC Bead LUMI™ Embolic Beads Technical Sheet

LC Bead are precisely calibrated embolic beads developed using the same patented structure as the clinically proven LC Bead, but with the addition of a radiopaque compontent.

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Bead Block™ Handling Poster

Helpful overview of the preparation and administration of Bead Block™ Microspheres.

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