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Cancer Therapies & Ablation

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Interventional Oncology / Cancer Therapies & Ablation / Clinical Data


No one is investing in Interventional Oncology like Boston Scientific

Last year, over 1 million patients were impacted by Boston Scientific interventional oncology products - 46,000 cancer patients were treated with a Boston Scientific cancer therapy. Our goal is to advance the interventional radiology specialty and support you with the best products, technologies and data.

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Global Interventional Oncology investigator-initiated studies
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Patients enrolled in Interventional Oncology clinical trials
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Invested in Interventional Oncology R&D and clinical initiatives

Physician-Initiated Research 

Boston Scientific has invested heavily in physician-initiated research, partnering with interventionalists to help advance the field of interventional oncology, expanded applications, and the use of combination therapies.

Key strategic areas of interest include:

  • Assessing the synergistic effects of combining locoregional therapy with immunotherapies
  • Exploring the safety and efficacy of our treatments being used in expanded ways (often leading to the pursuit of new indications)
  • Studies that explore improvements in techniques and clinical outcomes (think patient selection optimization, advancing dosimetry techniques)
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TheraSphereTM Y-90 Glass Microspheres

TheraSphere is a proven therapy that gives you the power to reliably shrink and destroy HCC tumors, improving survivability and quality of life.