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Scott Garavet

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[dis-ruhp-shuh n] noun | a disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity, or process
Despite its negative connotation, disruption is at the heart of innovation and advancement. As technology and protocols for cardiac care continue to evolve, it’s important to make sure your team and facility don’t fall behind. However, bringing about change can sometimes be met with pushback. Read on to discover the 4 steps to encouraging your team to embrace disruption.

Step 1: Determine the type and level of disruption

Each new idea that is brought to the forefront comes with a degree of disruption. Will it require modifications to process, a significant capital investment, training workshops, and/or additional staff?

It’s important to identify exactly what you need and recognize the level of investment from both a time and effort perspective.

Scales of disruption

Step 2: Identify and incorporate key stakeholders
Just as it’s important to know what resources are needed, it’s equally important to know whose support you’ll need. The priorities of a cath lab director will likely differ from those of a CMO or a nurse manager, and your approach should be tailored accordingly. By identifying key stakeholders early and keeping the lines of communication open, you can include them in the process to avoid potential barriers along the way.
As you begin implementing your plan, gather input from stakeholders and other decision makers. Gain perspective from a variety of team members including those in the C-suite all the way through to physicians and clinicians. Make it a priority to understand their hesitations and expectations and also remain open-minded to new ideas or suggestions. Having the right support and collaborating closely with other team members can make or break your efforts.
How to recruit key stakeholders

Step 3: Recognize early adopters

There will always be clear leaders and laggards within teams—those who embrace forward thinking and those who hesitate to mess with the status quo.

Early adopters have the ability to champion your cause and gain the support of other team members. Identify and empower them to lead the discussion.


Step 4: Stay ahead of the game
The key to not falling behind when it comes to new technology is proactive planning. Due to the ever changing healthcare landscape, it’s imperative for cardiovascular service line (CVSL) leaders to work together to forecast and plan accordingly for the future.  

One way to do this is creating a document that maps out the next 5-10 years for your organization. Consider what new technologies are on the horizon and how you would incorporate them into your practice. Identify potential opportunities or barriers for each and determine what resources would be needed for implementation.

Industry conventions and trade shows provide a sneak peek into the future and can help you determine what new trends and innovations are most critical for the success of your team. Use the living document your leadership team compiles as a road map to make smart short- and long-term investments to gradually implement change.



A fresh perspective on change

Embracing disruption ultimately comes down to a shift in mindset—it’s not about causing waves and creating problems, it’s an opportunity to grow and improve. The more open a team is to new ideas, the more opportunities there are to self-reflect and ensure you’re working in the most effective manner.

As healthcare and technology continue to change, help your team remain at the forefront by asking yourself what you can do to embrace innovation and empower disruption.



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