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LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System

Designed exclusively for the LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System, the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System helps clinics streamline their workflow, review data efficiently and adjust ICM settings remotely.

Watch How it Works

Watch How it Works

See how the LATITUDE CLarity System helps you streamline your workflow and enhance patient care.

System Features and Benefits

Relevant Data. Maximum Efficiency.

Built for ICM Workflows
A separate section on the LATITUDE website built exclusively for managing LUX-Dx ICM patients lets you switch back and forth between ICM and therapy patients in one click.

Dashboard View
Streamlined navigation and a user-friendly dashboard help summarize and prioritize information so you can quickly plan your day’s workload.

Remote Programming
Easily adjust device settings remotely to fine-tune detection parameters and accelerate critical decision making—without bringing patients in for another appointment.

Patient Watch List
A patient watch list visible to all users in the clinic, gives you the flexibility to organize and prioritize patients based on your workflow. 

Patient Compliance and Communication
Optional one-way messages sent to the myLUX™ Patient app and configurable connection status notifications help save time and improve compliance.

Full Interrogations with Alerts
Full interrogations with every alert help clinic teams feel confident the data is complete without any additional steps required.

Symptom Configuration
Multiple options for symptom recording and alerts, including whether patients can record symptoms, how often they can record them, if you want to be alerted and more.

ECG Review Tools
Responsive zoom, annotation tools and automated features help you validate assessments, document and collaborate more effectively, and speed up review time.

Consolidated and Customizable Reports
The auto-selected follow-up report includes common information used in review and assessment. Additional options allow clinics to customize reports based on their preferences.

EMR Integration
Configurable and automated options for what information is sent to your clinic’s electronic medical records (EMR) system and when it is sent.


Cardiac Monitoring and COVID-19

In this engaging session of Rhythm Theater, a device clinic nurse manager and an electrophysiologist share their perspectives about navigating the challenges of managing ICM patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distributed with permission from the Heart Rhythm Society.

Workflow Tools

LUX-Dx ICM Device Clinic Resource Guide

This interactive guide provides tips and instructions to help you integrate the LUX-Dx ICM system into your clinic, including how to:

  • Configure the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System to fit your clinic workflow
  • Enroll patients in the LATITUDE Clarity system, activate their ICM device, and educate them about their condition and ICM system 
  • Optimize patient data review and follow-up
  • Understand the remote programming options and adjust settings based on protocols and patients’ needs
  • Activate and interrogate devices using the clinic and patient mobile apps

Quick Tip

To activate the LUX-Dx ICM using the myLUX™ Patient app, you must first enroll the patient in the LATITUDE Clarity System. The enrollment process registers the device with Boston Scientific and automatically sets default programming values and alert and schedule configuration settings based on the reason for monitoring you selected. These settings can be adjusted remotely at any time.

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Product Details

Product Details

Find detailed product specs, directions for use
and more resources for the LUX-Dx ICM.

Education & Training

Education & Training

Explore continuing education courses and resources to help integrate the LUX-Dx ICM System into your clinic.

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