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LUX-Dx™ ICM System

The LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System helps streamline your workflow and puts you in control like never before with a dual-stage algorithm that is capable of rejecting false positives and remote programming technology that lets you make critical adjustments without bringing patients in for another appointment.

Engineered for Advanced Control

Engineered for Advanced Control

The Boston Scientific research and development team discuss their design process and how they developed an ICM that addresses the shortcomings of existing devices, reduces patient burden and accelerates critical decision making.

System Components

ICM Device
Monitors a patient’s subcutaneous ECG (S-ECG) data and alerts clinicians when specific arrythmias are detected.

LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System
Built specifically for ICM workflows, the LATITUDE Clarity System is easily accessible from the existing LATITUDE website.

Clinic and Patient Apps
Two user-friendly apps help enhance efficiencies, empower patients and improve compliance.

LATITUDE Clarity System

Built Specifically for ICM Workflows

With the LATITUDE Clarity System, critical data and alerts are just a click away. The system helps you review data efficiently, accelerate critical decision making and adjust device settings remotely without bringing patients in for another appointment.

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Clinic and Patient Apps

Advanced Mobile Technology

The LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant app and myLUX™ Patient app come pre-installed on mobile devices provided by Boston Scientific. These user-friendly apps are used to activate the ICM device, transmit data and more.


Reject False Positives

Data You Can Count On

The LUX-Dx ICM helps save time and reject false positives with a dual-stage algorithm that automatically detects and then verifies data before sending results. Plus, remote programming technology lets you continually fine-tune detection parameters to help improve data relevancy.

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Shifting to Proactive Care in Heart Health

Sidharth Shah, MD, MS, FACC of UNC Health in Raleigh, North Carolina talks with EP Lab Digest about how the LUX-Dx ICM helps him provide more proactive heart health care.

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