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EndoVive™ 3s Low Profile Balloon Kit


The new EndoVive 3s Low Profile Balloon may be placed percutaneously under endoscopic or fluoroscopic guidance or as a replacement to an existing device using an established stoma site tract.

  • The balloon is durable for 90 days
  • A recessed catheter design may aid in the passage of the balloon through the stoma site. In addition, this design makes it possible to maintain a consistent french size transition throughout the catheter
  • The "pancake" shape of the low profile balloon helps the surface area to be flush against the gastric wall, helping improve retention and reduces the possibility for leakage of gastric contents to the skin level
  • The low-profile design of the external bolster may help in reducing an accidental pullout, skin irritation and possible infection.

The EndoVive 3s Low Profile Balloon is designed to meet the nutritional support needs of active adults and pediatric patients.

*When tested in accordance to ASTM F2528_-06(G) method at recommended fill volume

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Announcing the Acquisition of Xlumena and the AXIOS™ Stent and Delivery System

The acquisition of Xlumena allows Boston Scientific to expand its endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) capability with the adoption of a therapeutic EUS technology.

The AXIOS Stent and Delivery System is currently the only stent in the U.S. indicated for transmural drainage of symptomatic pancreatic pseudocysts.

Learn more about the Xlumena acquisition


See the Next Generation SpyGlass™ DS Direct Visualization System


Digital + Simple = DS



  • Improved image quality with four times higher resolution and a 60% wider field of view*
  • Fully integrated SpyScope™ DS Access and Delivery Catheter (single-use scope) eliminates probe reprocessing and image degradation over multiple uses


  • Designed to optimize procedural efficiency and productivity
  • Features an integrated controller that fits on a standard ERCP cart for improved accessibility and ‘plug and play’ setup
  • Features improved set-up to help reduce procedure time
  • Can be performed as an extension of any ERCP procedure, potentially reducing the need for additional testing and repeat procedures

*vs first generation SpyGlass System


Captivator™ EMR Device

Benefits of the new Captivator EMR Device include: 

  • 360-degree cap visualization to assess and target lesions
  • The ability to pass 7Fr tools with the device in place -- an important option in managing complications
  • The Captivator EMR Device includes the Captivator EMR Band Ligator, Captivator EMR Snare and Captivator EMR Pathology Kit.

The Captivator EMR Device is Boston Scientific’s first device specifically designed for ligation-assisted EMR of the upper GI tract. EMR ligation may be used to treat many diseases of the upper GI tract such as squamous neoplasma and Barrett’s esophagus.