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Interventional & Diagnostic EUS Procedures

To manage complex pancreatic and biliary diseases effectively, you need more than just a standard set of devices. You need options designed to drive procedural efficiencies and overcome clinical challenges, so that you can spend more time delivering the best patient care possible.

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Explore select products from our EUS portfolio, including FNA & FNB devices, lumen apposing metal stents, and fiducials.
20mm AXIOS™ Stent for PFC/WON drainage case study

The 20mm AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System*

“The 20mm AXIOS Stent size was ideal for my patient with a large PFC/WON, as it allowed drainage of solid and liquid contents and will greatly facilitate endoscopic necrosectomy going forward.”

—Douglas G Adler, MD, FACG, AGAF, FASGE, University of Utah School of Medicine


Meaningful Innovation

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LumiCoil™ Platinum Fiducial Markers – A New tumor management solution

New Tumor Management Solution

Compatible with the widely used Expect™ Slimline (SL) 22ga EUS FNA Needle, the new LumiCoil™ Platinum Fiducial Markers feature platinum construction designed for clear visibility in CT, X-Ray, EUS, CBCT and MRI procedures.**  The use of fiducials may lead to more accurate targeting in delivery of radiation.

Advances in tissue acquisition: FNA and FNB—navigating the data

Anand Sahai, M.D., University of Montreal Medical Center, discusses diagnostic EUS procedures, shares his techniques, and reviews recently published data.

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FNB for EUS-guided Liver Biopsy

EUS-guided liver biopsy may offer potential advantages over traditional approaches, such as enabling the sampling of multiple sites, which may provide a more accurate representation of liver histology1

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