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New Duodenoscope Technologies

New duodenoscope technologies such as single-use endcaps and single-use duodenoscopes are evolving and are designed to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination due to ineffective reprocessing.


Comparison of Single-Use Duodenoscope vs. Single-Use Endcaps

The FDA stated  "...the best path to reducing the risk of disease transmission by duodenoscopes is through innovative device designs... that make reprocessing easier, more effective or unnecessary." EXALT Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope completely eliminates the need for reprocessing to provide multiple benefits.

Benefit* EXALT Model D

Single-Use Endcaps

Eliminates risk of patient infection due to ineffective reprocessing Yes No
Enhances infection prevention efforts aligning with 2019 FDA Safety Communication* Yes Yes
Eliminates duodenoscope reprocessing training and compliance Yes No
Decreases waste from reprocessing such as disinfecting consumables Yes No
*Related to reusable duodenoscopes.Assumes full conversion of all procedures using reusable duodenoscopes to instead using the EXALT Model D Duodenoscope. 

Ready to see how a single-use duodenoscope performs in ERCP?


 Where in a duodenoscope can biofilm exist? 

Single-use endcaps alone do not eliminate the risk of cross-contamination associated with reprocessing reusable scopes. Cross-contamination has been linked to other contaminated parts of a duodenoscope.


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Read a whitepaper that outlines the various channels within a duodenoscope where biofilm has been found.

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* FDA News Release