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Incorporating EXALT Model D into Your Practice

Hear how Dr. Raman Muthusamy and Dr. Adarsh Thaker prepare EXALT Model D for use in a procedure. 


Facilitating Operation with Your Current Systems

  • White glove integration service provided by our team of specialized Customer Integration Coordinators.
  • Smooth integration with existing technology, including SpyGlass™ DS II System, Endoscopic Ultrasound, and most medical writing software.
  • System integration helps ensure compatibility with major endoscope manufacturers allowing for full or partial adoption of EXALT Model D Duodenoscope based on your needs. 

Installation and COVID-19

We are using HELPlightning™ to provide remote, visual technical assistance which allows our remote support team to use their hands to point and touch your system virtually. 

How we use HELPlightning during EXALT Model D Installations:

  • Assess customer sites to identify parts needed for EXALT Model D integration, when being physically on-site isn’t an option.
  • Instruct local technicians on equipment connection, testing, and operation.
  • Conduct initial staff in-servicing immediately following installation.
  • Perform remote in-servicing for staff who were unavailable during time of installation.
  • Compresses installation timeline. Enables installations to be supported remotely rather than await availability of a technical resource to be physically present.

Watch our technicians demonstrate how we can use virtual technology to help install the EXALT™ Model D System.


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