IMPACT is a premiere medical education event designed exclusively for EP fellows and emerging physicians and is set to disrupt the status quo by transforming your physical environment into a truly immersive educational experience. Here you’ll take a retrospective journey into the field of EP to hear first-hand accounts from pioneers who’ve shaped the way you practice medicine combined with a prospective look at how you can directly impact the technologies and therapies of today & into the future.

Saturday, February 16, 2019
The Fairmont, Atlanta, GA

  Origins of EP
3:00 pm

TED talk-style presentation where renowned pioneers & industry influencers lead a large group conversastion focused on the early cases and experiences in EP — including but not limited to early implantable defibrillator implants, ablation experiences and pacemaker implants.

  Evolutions of EP
4:30 pm

Roundtable dinner discussions (8-10 attendees per table) bridging topics [i.e. defibrillation, pacing, lead management and VT management] from the first 90 minutes on stage to today's technology and beyond—discussions led by esteemed KOLs.

  Technique Fair
6:30 pm

KOLs and engineers are prepared to bring you the most advanced hands-on learning experience—including modalities like irtual reality and electronic heart models—to provide live, intimate technique & technology-driven demonstrations.

8:30 pm

Closing comments & adjourn, Dr. Ken Stain