Heart Failure Heart Rate Variability Registry (HF-HRV)

Status: Completed in 2005

HF-HRV assessed the relationships among Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures and NYHA class, physical activity, and quality of life.


  • Patients with lower HRV values had the highest mortality rate compared with patients with higher HRV values.
  • Patients with low baseline HRV and small changes in HRV during the follow-up period were at the highest mortality rate.
    • 7% mortality for SDANN and 8.9% for HRV footprint
  • Patients with high baseline HRV and large changes in HRV were at the lowest mortality rate.
    • 1.5% mortality for SDANN and 2.4% for HRV footprint


Patient Population

  • 1421 patients completed device implant
  • Male and female patients
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Disease state at the time of  enrollment met indications for CRT-D therapy
  • 129 sites across the United States

Clinical Relevance

  • HF-HRV assessed the relationships among HRV measures and NYHA Class, physical activity, and quality of life
  • Continuously measured device HRV parameters may provide prognostic information about patient mortality that could be helpful for risk stratification