Corporate Social Responsibility / Planet / Environmental Impact 

Limiting Our Environmental Footprint

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We are all responsible for the consequences of our actions—especially as a company with a global footprint, and global impact. As we manufacture medical devices and therapies, we consume resources and produce waste. How we manage these responsibilities and challenges matters.

We bring our values to the table when we consider the materials used in our products and packaging, the resources used to manufacture and transport them, and what happens to any waste along the way.

Waste Reduction

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We approach our waste-reduction challenge systematically, adopting international best practices and research-backed protocols. We set clear, ambitious, measurable objectives and continuously measure ourselves against those objectives.

As we create thousands of products, there are thousands of possible improvements to the process. The mission is global—from plastic segregation and recycling at our facilities in Ireland, to eliminating wood-based paper at sites in Costa Rica, to an international packaging redesign to eliminate the need for more than 120,000 pounds of plastic in the first place.

Boston Scientific employees recycling